Finding flights from Birmingham to Alicante is relatively simple. All you need is the website of the airline of choice or a knowledgeable travel agent. Of course, even though Spain is a member of the European Union, carrying your passport at all times at check-in and during your holiday are mandatory. Once you book a flight you must provide Advance Passenger Information with the airline since they are required to forward to the Spanish authorities before flight departure.

The Alicante region has a micro-climate making it a popular destination year round, although extra early reservations should take place for June through September visits. The other times to plan early is for Easter week, Christmas and New Years.

Best airport choices

Alicante is a hot destination from major cities and towns all over Europe. The number of passengers passing through Alicante just increases each year. When seeking for your flights directly from Birmingham to Alicante, it makes sense to plan early to obtain the best pricing. Alicante is expanding its airport and in the near future the airport authorities estimate many more flights will arrive and depart from this city on the Med.

Most passengers fly into Alicante Airport for their Costa Blanca holiday, but there is one other major airport that to consider. If you are planning on staying in Elche, Torrevieja and other areas south of Alicante. It may behove you to consider flying into Murcia instead. Murcia is a mere 38 miles from Alicante International. However, from Murcia Airport to these popular southern resorts destinations is about the same in mileage if you were to fly into Alicante.

Best airline choices

All through the continent you are bound to find a flight to Alicante, especially during the peak month of August. But for flights from Birmingham to Alicante, your choices are not limited.

The following carriers do fly to Alicante (ALC) and back non-stop to Birmingham (BHX):

The following carriers do fly to Murcia (MJV) and back to Birmingham (BHX):

  • British Midland
  • Monarch
  • Ryanair

Of course if you do not mind switching planes, you can always fly into another major city, such as Dublin, Copenhagen or Frankfurt and on again non-stop to Alicante. However, this option tends to more costly.

There are also charters that depart Birmingham during peak times and can be arranged through your travel agent.

Typical prices

Since Birmingham does have several competitive low cost carriers that fly out to Alicante, you are sure to find some bargain basement prices; but remember advance purchase is the key. Typical pricing are as follows;

Super Bargain Pricing – These can be a low as 5 GBP each way. A recent check came up with this pricing for flights taking off in September and 2 months in advance of departure date. To always be in the know, sign up on the airline’s websites and have them email you directly of any unannounced sales or special pricing.

Average Fare – Booked 14 days in advance, the average fare can run from 25 GBP to as high as 100 GBP each way. A 50 GBP fare each way came up for July that was only three weeks in advance of departure.

Last Minute Decision Fare – This fare can run the gamut from low to high depending on season. Off season is from January to March, with the exception of Easter week.

Money Saving Tips

As you have learned and realize how lucky you are departing from Birmingham (BHX), pricing is extremely competitive for flights from Birmingham to Alicante. The earlier you book, the less you pay for in season time periods; Off-season travel tends to remain low no matter when you decide on a holiday break.

Now is the time to plan your trip to the region of the Phoenicians, Moors, Greeks and Iberians with the best beaches in Europe.