It’s not hard to find good deal for flights from Detroit to New York. When it comes to flying into New York the number of airports serving the area make it an easy task to find cheap flights. If you think JFK is a bit expensive, don’t worry, there’s always Newark nearby.

Airport choices

When flying into New York you will most likely you arrive on JFK or La Guardia, although there are plenty of other airport choices nearby. JFK is a major hub for Delta Airlines and La Guardia is a focus airport for US Airways, so it makes sense to start the fare search with these airlines. Both airports serve the metropolitan area and it’s very easy to get from either airport to the city center. Another option is flying into Newark. It’s well connected to New York City and receives plenty of domestic flights.

When you fly out of Detroit you’ll be using Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (commonly known as DTW), located about 20 minutes from the city center. It’s the operational headquarters for Northwest Airlines and a hub for Spirit Airlines. The airport is modern and there’s free transfer between terminals.

Best airline choices

The following airlines offer direct flights from Detroit to New York:

  • American Airlines
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Continental Airlines

Typical prices

When it comes to flights between US cities, typically the prices are high during the National holidays weekends, during the winter holidays and during the summer peak tourist season.

If you fly outside the peak season – in spring or in fall- the prices tend to be lower and they don’t vary too much from month to month. For example, you can expect to pay at least $108 for a round trip ticket in early September. If you book too far in advance you might end up paying a bit too much. Hence, in early October the round trip ticket starts at $128 and can be as high as $212.

Money saving tips

Try to book your ticket a bit in advance. The prices are high if you book too close to your departure date (less than two-three weeks) but they also might be too high if you book too far in advance, as well. So try to stick to a 3-8 weeks window frame.

Flying outside the peak summer months or the American holidays, as well as flying mid-week rather than during the weekend are good strategies to save money. Also if you can manage flying during the night, the prices are usually lower.

It is a good idea to look for good deals on discount websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline or Hotwire. Also, you can check the websites of the airlines which have hubs in Detroit and New York, respectively.