Travelers going between Europe and Cuba have several options for airports to fly out of. Flights depart from London, Paris and Madrid to Havana, a journey that takes about 10 hours.

Airport choices

If you fly into Cuba, you’ll most likely land on Jose Marti International Airport , located just 9 miles from the capital of Havana. Several European carriers fly into the airport from major hubs in Europe, like London, Madrid and Paris. If you aren’t located in one of these cities, you can take a cheap flight from your city to one of these hubs.

Best airline choices

The following airlines offer nonstop service from Europe to Cuba.

  • Air France
  • Virgin America
  • Cubana
  • Iberia

Typical prices

Prices for cheap tickets from Europe to Cuba vary, with the lowest fares available during summer months and the highest fares being charged during winter months from December to March. During this time, fares can range from 800 to 1200 Euros.

Money saving tips

When you try to look for flights from Europe to Cuba, forget about using some of the typical discount websites. Priceline, Orbitz and Expedia just tell you that they don’t sell tickets to the destination, . On the other hand, some European booking engines allow you to look up prices and book tickets (for example You can also book directly from the airlines that offer flights to Cuba. If your city doesn’t offer flights, you can take a low-cost flight to one of the major hubs.