Flying within the UK is (still) affordable and the low-cost carriers often compete with the trains in terms of prices. If you need to fly between London and Edinburgh it’s always a good idea to start looking for flight from Gatwick to Edinburgh rather than from Heathrow. London’s second airport is served by many carriers, including low-cost ones, which makes it easy to find a good deal on such a flight.

Airport choices

Edinburgh is served by an international airport, located just 10 miles from the city center. It receives flights from a variety of domestic, international and European carriers, including low-cost ones. It is easy to get from the airport to the city center either via the express line bus (£6 round trip fare) or the regular one (£1.20 single fare).

Gatwick Airport (LGW) is London’s second airport and it receives flights from UK as well as from over the world. There are plenty of options to get from Gatwick airport to the city center: rail, bus or car.

Best airline choices

When you look for flights from London Gatwick to Edinburgh, it’s best to start your search with the major British carriers. British Airways and EasyJet offer direct flights on this route.

Typical prices

It’s not hard to figure out the typical prices when it comes to flights from London Gatwick to Edinburgh. During the peak travel season (summer and holidays) the prices tend to be higher. The lowest prices can be found during spring and fall.

During the peak summer season, the prices are around £86 per person for a round trip flight, regardless of what airline you choose. However, if you are flexible there can be ways to cut down the cost.

In fall, prices drop to little over £70 per person for a round trip flight if you choose British Airways and just over £60 per person for a round trip flight if you choose EasyJet.

Money saving tips

Some of the tips to save money on flights to London Gatwick from Edinburgh include flying very early in the morning; research your flight in advance and determining when the lowest prices can be found.

It’s a good idea to search booking site which also include the low-cost carriers. Major discount booking websites such as Expedia and Travelocity don’t always include the European low-cost carriers.

Be flexible in your approach. In some cases if you have a flexible departure date chances are you’ll be able to find better fares than if you had to leave on an exact date.