Finding a flight from India to the USA isn’t hard, but it is slightly more complicated then if you were to do the opposite and book a flight from USA to India. The kicker here is that when it comes to the tourist visa, you must have proof of onward travel or a return ticket. As such, there are only special travel agents that can book international flights. Don’t worry though, these travel agents usually have prices that are similar to those of the airlines themselves. The only real drawback here is it leaves you little room to compare prices for the best deal.

Best airport choices

India is a large country and has a number of international airports scattered across it. So, naturally, when searching for flight from India to the USA, it makes sense to fly to the airport in India that is closest to your main traveling destination. The four main international airports are located in Madras, Calcutta, Bombay, and Delhi. There are also a number of other smaller international airports that could be worth looking into, but it is likely that these major international airports will get you the best deals.

Best airline choices

While you are flying from one major country to another, you don’t have as many choices for airlines as you do on say, a flight from USA to Europe or China. That said, there are still a decent number of good airlines to choose from for the best deals on a flight from India to the USA.

Here are some of the better airlines that make the flights from India to the USA

Typical prices

Since there are so many locations to fly out of India and so many to fly into in the USA, it is hard to give an average amount for the cost of airfare prices. But, to give yo an example, a flight from Delhi to Atlanta during the month of August will cost over US$1,000. Like wise, a flight during the same time of year from Bombay to Los Angeles will cost you closer to US$1,500. It really just depends on what cities you are flying in and out of.

The above prices are give during the off season, so they are about as cheap as it gets. The off season which is the summer months on June, July, and August tend to offer the lowest rates. This is because these months are the main monsoon season in India.Airfare in the busy season tends to be only a couple hundred dollars more when booked well in advance.

Money saving tips

As mentioned earlier, there are only selected ticketing agencies that you can purchase international ticket from within India. Most of the major ticket sites such as Travelocity and Expedia will allow you to purchase tickets for flights from India to the USA. If you don’t have the option to search for flights this way, your next choice should be to check the airlines themselves. The easiest way to do this is to check the website, but if that is not an option, you can always call them directly to find out about prices for flights from India to the USA.

Of course, all of the other basic rules of airline travel apply here when it comes to getting a good deal on a flights from India to the USA. As mentioned earlier, try to fly during the off season. Assuming of course you don’t mind the occasional monsoon! If constant rainfall isn’t your thing and you must travel during the busy season, just book your tickets far in advance. By booking in advance, you will be able to find deals almost as good as those during the off season.