Given the restrictions imposed on flights from the US to Canada, it’s hard to find the information needed. Suffice is to say that you can fly from Miami to Cuba but in certain conditions. One of them is to have the proper documentation to be allowed to travel to Cuba. You can also choose a charter flight available from Miami to Havana or you can take an indirect flight which would fly you from a non-US airport into Cuba.

Airport choices

If you fly into Cuba, you’ll most likely land on Jose Marti International Airport , located just 9 miles from the capital of Havana. Several US carriers fly into the airport from Miami but their flights are listed as charters (so pay attention when you look for them).

When you need to fly out of Miami, there are two airports to choose from. On the busiest airport in the entire USA is Miami International Airport , which offers plenty of domestic flights and also serves as a major gateway into the US from Latin America. American Airlines has a hub here so it’s always a good idea to star the search for flights with this airline. Another option is Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport , located just 21 miles north of Miami. It is a major hub for Spirit Airlines and a popular gateway for those flying into the Caribbean, including Cuba.

Best airline choices

American Airlines fly from Miami to Cuba (Havana) but the flight cannot be book via the company’s website or the booking engines. Charter flights from Miami to Cuba can be booked via a particular travel agency.

Bahamasair offers an indirect flight (via Bahamas) which can be booked via a European booking engine.

Typical prices

It’s hard to talk about typical prices for flights from Miami to Cuba given the circumstances in which these flights are offered.

If you choose to fly via Bahamas on Bahamasair, prices start at $555 for a round trip in early October. As the peak season approaches in the Caribbean (mid-December to April), the prices start to go up.

Money saving tips

When you try to look for flights from Miami to Cuba, forget about using some of the typical discount websites. Priceline and Expedia just tell you that they don’t sell tickets to the destination, while Travelocity tells you nicely that due to the restrictions they cannot book the flight. On the other hand, some European booking engines allow you to look up prices and book tickets (for example The charter flights can be booked via a particular travel agency.