It is not difficult to find the perfect flight to New York to Ireland. There are direct flights every day across the Atlantic, and choices of airports at both ends. The key is to figure out which airports in both New York and in Ireland will best suit your needs. As long as you have your passport you can easily compare and book this flight with a travel agent or on your own at airline websites or discount travel sites such as Expedia or Travelocity.

Airport Choices

In New York, of course, airport choices abound. La Guardia and JFK both serve the New York metropolitan area, although many flights go into or out of Newark International, and are sometimes a little cheaper for not going directly into the city. It is easy to take the New Jersey transit light rail system between Newark and Manhattan. If you live in New York, you may be closer to one or the other.

In Ireland, there are also a number of airports. Dublin is clearly the largest airport, but Shannon and Cork also service a number of international flights. Of course it makes sense to choose the airport that is closest to your final destination, but if you are planning on traveling widely within Ireland you should simply look for the best deal.

Best Airline Choices

There are plenty of airlines to choose from, although the two famous Irish airlines are Aer Lingus and Ryanair. Here are some of the other best choices:

Typical Prices

Prices of tickets from New York to Ireland really do change quite a bit depending on the season and when you book your ticket. Because Ireland has become such a hot tourist destination for Americans because of its proximity and the relatively inexpensive cost of flying there, the cost of flights can go up significantly during tourist seasons even if there are more flights. Booking well in advance always helps.

If you can plan the trip during the fall or the spring, when Ireland is often warmer than New York, you might save a little. Sometimes you can see round-trip tickets as low as $400, but if you have to plan at the last minute during a high tourist season, expect to pay even up to $1600 or more. Most of the time, however, the average price is probably around $800.

Money Saving Tips

The first thing to do when trying to save on flights from New York to Ireland is to check cost of using different airports. If you can easily switch from La Guardia to JFK, or take the train to Newark, you may find a different price. Or if you are planning on touring Ireland anyway, why not see if you can get a cheaper flight into Shannon instead of paying to arrive in the Dublin metropolis. Because of the number of airports and flights, you can often find a better deal simply by changing your flight by a day or two if your travel plans are flexible.

All of the basic guidelines for getting good deals on airline travel also apply to flights from New York to Ireland. You can usually get the best deals by using the discount websites like Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, or Cheaptickets. Of course, you can check the airlines websites online directly as well, and sometimes this will eliminate a booking fee. If you cannot use either of these options, try calling the airlines directly. Any of these options will probably help get a good deal on flights from New York to Ireland. In this case, directly flights are often the best deal, and there is usually no need to fly through England.