Scoring an inexpensively flight from New York to Paris is not very difficult. Most major airlines now offers direct New York to Paris flights at pretty great rates. This is due to the new Open Skies Agreement which was passed during the early part of 2009. It has opened restrictions that were placed in the past on overseas routes. As far as finding the least expensive flight with a travel agent will be a bit harder, as there is not much room for comparing prices. It’s about the same rate either way you book your flight, a travel agent or yourself. A travel agent just takes a lot of the work out of it for you.

Choosing the Best Airport

Your possibility of scoring an inexpensive flight from New York to Paris probably lies with the closest major airport in proximity to you but, this is not always the case. Smaller airports have begun offering great rates on direct flights as well. Some of the smaller, less busy airports are definitely worth checking.

Choosing the Best Airline

While everyone knows the major airlines that you can book a flight through, most do not know that the smaller airlines offer great rates also. A more direct flight will probably be found through a major airline however checking with the smaller ones will not hurt. Smaller airlines will probably give you less direct flight options, but if you do not mind taking a flight with stop overs, then a smaller airline may be great for getting there with a little extra money in the pockets.

Smaller airlines such as Air India may offer you a better deal. Checking with smaller airlines, may be worth it, considering what some airlines charge for certain flights. Less than favorable flight plans may be offered but, if it helps you save money, you may want to consider. Here are some of the major airlines that may help you contemplate which airline to use:

Typical prices

Since most airlines know that so many people dream of visiting Paris, makes for high cost flights. They know they can charge a high for a flight from New York to Paris because, so many people want to go. Rates will vary depending on what city you take the flight out of and of course, what airline you are using. Also, choosing to take a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday flight can affect the cost of your ticket, due to these days seeing less travelers.

Most prices are typically priced at just over $500 one way. Flights to London from all major US cities starting in August will be thankfully decreasing. New York will also be one of those cities with rates dropping as well. Also consider taking a flight during the off season. These months are June, July and August.

Money saving tips

Flying off season and on less busy days will help you cut the cost of your flight from New York to Paris but, you can also save money by packing as light as possible. One tip to remember is to never, ever buy tickets between Friday and Monday morning if you possible can. Airlines bump up their prices on Thursday evenings and then they continue to watch all their competitors to see if they raise their rates also. If they see that they do not, then they lower the prices back down before Monday evening rolls around.

Take a friend along and you may get a deal by buying two tickets at the same time. Booking your flight in advance can help also. These tips, will give you the best possible price quote for a flight from New York to Paris.