This route presents some interesting challenging for the travelers. Until the end of October (when practically fall starts in Nice) the only direct flights from Nice to Edinburgh are offered by a low-cost carrier but from November there are only indirect flights available (typically with a stopover in London).

Airport choices

Edinburgh is served by the eighth largest airport in the UK. EDI is located about 8 miles from the city center, making it easy to get to the center by train, bus, taxi or rental car. The airport is quite well connected to the rest of Europe and is also served by some low-cost carriers, including easyJet .

Nice’s Cote d’Azur International Airport is the second most important airport in France, serving the French Riviera. Besides serving the glittery Southern France, it also serves as Monaco Airport as it’s located very close to the principality. The airport is served by a lot of airlines, including a variety of low-cost carriers. Getting from the airport to the hotel is easy; you can check between buses, shuttles, taxis, trains or rental cars.

Best airline choices

The only airline offering direct flights from Nice to Edinburgh is easyJet. By early November there aren’t any direct flights offered by easyJet. Although you won’t be changing the airline, you’ll be making a stop along the way (typically in London).

Indirect flights are also offered by KLM , British Airways, Air France and Brussels Airlines.

Even if you need to take an indirect flight in early November, it’s still cheaper to fly on the low-cost carrier than other airlines.

Typical prices

Since there’s only one airline offering direct flights from Nice to Edinburgh we cannot exactly talk about competition. But the ticket prices are seasonable, as it happens with all flights in Europe. The peak summer season and the winter holidays are the most expensive times to fly between the two cities.

If you need to fly from Nice to Edinburgh in early October you need to pay at least £163.52 for a round trip flight, while in late October the ticket prices start at £118.90 for a round trip flight.

By early November, a round trip indirect flight (on easyJet, with a stop in London) starts at £115.49.

Money saving tips

Since there’s only one airline serving the route, there’s not much need to check discount websites. But you might want to take a look at the indirect flights in case there are deals available. Skyscanner usually lists all low-cost carriers while Expedia and Travelocity only cover some of the European low-cost carriers.

Book your flight in advance but remember that in the case of low-cost carriers it’s sometimes more expensive to buy far in advance than to book your flight at most a month in advance.

Fly outside the peak season and during the weekends. Falls and springs tend to be cheaper although the good weather on the French Riviera lasts until end of October so the prices won’t drop sharply as soon as the summer is over.