Las Vegas is a popular travel destination year round but there are some peak months when the ticket prices tend to be higher. However, there are a lot of daily direct flights available so the prices are kept at a decent level.

Airport choices

When you fly into Las Vegas, the airport you’ll be landing on is McCarran International Airport , which receives plenty of flights from all over the US. McCarran is a major hub for Southwest Airlines and a smaller hub for US Airways . The simplest way to get from the airport to the hotel would be to use the hotel’s shuttle. If there isn’t one available, then you can choose between taxis and limousines available at the airport. Or you can rent a car.

Those flying out of Phoenix will be using Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport . PHX is the largest airport in Arizona and is the homebase for US Airways. It is also hub for Southwest Airlines. There are plenty of ways to get from the airport to the city, including: light rail, city bus, taxi, limo, van, airport shuttle and rental car.

Best airline choices

US Airways and Southwest Airlines offer direct flights from Phoenix to Las Vegas. Indirect flights are offered by Delta Airlines , United Airlines and American Airlines .

Typical prices

The ticket prices for flights from Phoenix to Las Vegas are quite seasonable. The high season comprises March to May, September to November as well as the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. That’s when the fares are quite high. Outside these times the fares are at their lowest.

If you need to fly into Las Vegas in early October, plan to pay at least $133 for a round trip flight on US Airways (Southwest’s rates start at $154, web rates only). By the end of the month, the rates vary between $98 and $119 for a direct round trip flight.

Money saving tips

Make sure to start the search with the two major airlines which serve the airports: US Airways and Southwest Airlines. Then you can compare the fares with ones on the discount websites such as Hotwire, Expedia, Travelocity and Priceline.

Las Vegas is a vacation destination year round although many choose to avoid the summers because of the heat. If you want to avoid the high fares, it’s better not to play your vacation around the winter holidays. Typically, the high season in Las Vegas is considered between March and May and September to October. Otherwise, avoid the weekends to benefit from lower fares.

Book your flight in advance especially if you plan to fly during the peak season. Otherwise, about 2 to 8 weeks are enough to secure a good deal. And sometimes the last minute offers are quite good as well.