The short duration of the flight and the numerous direct flights available daily from San Diego to Las Vegas means that even during the busiest times of the year the fares are affordable.

Airport choices

McCarran International Airport serves the Sin City and is located very close to the Strip. The airport is a major hub for Southwest Airlines and a smaller hub for US Airways . McCarran receives numerous flights both from major cities in the States, making it easy and cheap to fly here from pretty much anywhere. To get from the airport to the hotel, you can use the public transportation, taxis, shuttles, limos or a rental car.

San Diego is served by the second busiest single-runway commercial airport in the world. San Diego International Airport is located very close to residential areas so a curfew for departures was put back in 1979. Both departures and arrivals are allowed between 6:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. but after that hour only arrivals are allowed. A variety of airlines fly in and out the airport but none have hubs here.

Best airline choices

Direct flights from San Diego to Las Vegas are offered by US Airways and Southwest Airlines. Indirect flights are also offered by United , Delta and Northwest .

Typical prices

The ticket prices for flights from San Diego to Las Vegas tend to be a bit seasonable; they are at their highest between Christmas and New Year’s. Rather high fares can be found during fall – a popular time to visit Las Vegas – and during the holiday weekends.

But there are plenty of daily direct flights so the prices are acceptable. If you plan to fly in early October plan to pay at least $118 for a direct round trip flight. Indirect flights start at $140.

Money saving tips

It’s a good idea to start your search with the discount websites such as Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity and Priceline but make sure to check out Southwest’s website as well since the airline is not listed in the online booking engines.

Las Vegas is a travel destination year round and typically the fall is quite a busy period and the fares are a bit high. However, the highest fares can be found usually between Christmas and New Year’s. Be flexible in your approach and try to fly outside the busy periods. Also, you should fly mid-week rather than during the weekends.

Book your flight in advance especially if you plan to get to Sin City right smack in the middle of the high travel season. You can check out the last minute deals as well but don’t relay on luck.