Travelers going from the USA into Morocco can choose from several airports, both in the US and in Morocco. The cheapest flights from the US to Morocco will depart from the East Coast of the US or from other major city hubs like Chicago and connect in Casablanca. Another popular option is to fly to Madrid and connect to a city in Morocco from there.

Airport choices

Cheap flights from the East Coast of the US to Morocco will be more readily available than those from the South and West. You’ll also have the option of a direct flight from New York or Montreal on Royal Maroc Airlines. The flight is about eight hours long.

The main international airport in Morocco is Casablanca’s Mohammed V Airport, though international flights also arrive at Fez, Marrakesh and others. Flying into Casablanca tends to be cheaper than flying into a smaller airport and several low-cost carriers make it easy to make the connection. Iberia Airlines offers frequent connections from cities in Spain to Morocco.

When flying out of USA there are also  plenty of airports to choose from, though only New York and (in Canada) Montreal offer direct flights to Casablanca. Connecting flights are available from many other major American cities; flights that originate in smaller airports may be more expensive than those that start from a larger hub.

Best airline choices

Direct cheap flights to Morocco from New York are offered by Royal Maroc Airlines. Iberia Airlines offers inexpensive connections from Spain to several cities in Morocco and serves many large airports in the USA.

Typical prices

The ticket prices for flights to Morocco from the USA vary according to the season, with the lowest prices being offered during summer, when the intense heat makes Morocco a less popular destination. At this time, you can often score cheap tickets from the USA  to Morocco for as low as $800-$1000 per person direct from New York and as low as $700-900 with a connection. The highest fares will be during the holidays, from late November to early January.  During these times, prices can be as high as $1000-1400 per person.

Money saving tips

It is often considerably cheaper to book flights from your origin city to Madrid and from there connect to Morocco via a low-cost carrier. If your final destination is a city other than Casablanca, it can sometimes be a little cheaper to fly in here and then take a low-cost flight to your final destination. Travelers who have more time may also opt to take the very cheap boat across from Spain to Tangiers.

Check websites like Expedia, Travelocity or Priceline but remember that not all of them list the European low-cost carriers. Compare the prices you find here to prices available on the websites of individual budget carriers – sometimes the prices are a bit lower when you book directly with the airlines. For flying within the country, Royal Maroc Airlines and Iberia Airlines operate daily flights from Casablanca to cities all over at reasonable prices.