Travelers going from the USA to the Philippines can choose from several airports, both in the US and in the Philippines, though most flights end up passing through California and land in the largest airport in the Philippines, in Manila. The cheapest flights from the USA to the Philippines tend to land here, though you can also fly into several other international airports in the Philippines from other destinations in Asia. If your final destination is another area of the Philippines, it is generally cheaper to fly into Manila and then catch an internal flight to your city.

Airport choices

Flights from the West Coast of the US to the Philippines will be cheaper than those from the South or East. You’ll also have the option of a direct flight from Los Angeles to Manila.

The main international airport in New Zealand is the Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport, though international flights also arrive at Davao, Kalibo and Morong. Flying into Manila tends to be cheaper than flying into a smaller airport; you can connect to your final destination via a regional carrier like Philippines Air.

When flying out of USA there are also  plenty of airports to choose from, though only Los Angeles offers direct flights. Connecting flights are available from many other major American cities, though flights that originate in smaller airports may be more expensive than those that start from a larger hub.

Best airline choices

Direct cheap flights to the Philippines from LAX and SFO are offered by Philippines Air. Korea Air, All Nippon Airways, American,  United, and others can also get to you to cities like Seoul and Tokyo, where you can connect to the Philippines.

Typical prices

Ticket prices for flights to the Philippines vary slightly according to the season, with the highest prices being offered around the holidays and during the spring, when tickets can range from $900-$1500 or more per person from Los Angeles. During off-peak times, such as the summer rainy season, you can find cheap tickets from USA to the Philippines for as little as $750-$900 per person.

Money saving tips

Check websites like Expedia, Travelocity or Priceline but remember that not all of them list the low-cost carriers and it may be cheaper for you to fly into a major hub like Manila and then take an internal flight on a low-cost carrier to your final destination. Compare the prices you find on these sites to prices available on the websites of individual budget carriers – sometimes the prices are a bit lower when you book directly with the airlines. For flying within the country, Philippines Air covers the country from Manila at reasonable prices.