Looking for flights to Boston from Dublin is a piece of cake but finding the cheapest option requires a bit of creativity. Suffice is to say that, contrary to what might seem logical, direct flights are not always the cheapest options between two destinations, especially when low-cost carriers come into the equation.

Airport choices

Although Boston is served by two airports, when you need to fly into the city, you’ll most likely land on Logan International Airport . It is one of the busiest airports in the US and serves as a focus city for several important airlines. There are several ways to get from the airport to the city center, including the express bus, subway, train and shuttle service.

Dublin is served by the busiest airport in Ireland, located about 10 km outside the city center. Aer Lingus uses Dublin Airport as hub and offers flights a lot of destinations, including the US. To get from the airport to the city center the travelers can choose the bus, taxi or train.

Best airline choices

Direct flights to Boston from Dublin are offered by the following airlines: Aer Lingus and United Airlines.

Indirect flights are offered by:

Contrary to what you might expect, indirect flights are cheaper than direct flights. So this is one of those routes on which it’s advisable to take a connecting flight.

Typical prices

As it happens with most Trans Atlantic flights, the fares vary according to the season. The ticket prices for flights to Boston from Dublin are at their highest level during the peak travel season (summer, winter holidays, Easter) and at their lowest level during the off season (spring and autumn).

As autumn sets in, a round trip indirect flight to Boston from Dublin starts at $663 per person, while a direct flight starts at $919.

Money saving tips

This is one of those routes which are cheaper is you choose a connecting flight. So have a flexible and open minded approach towards the airlines and possible flights. You can save almost $400 on a round trip flight if you opt for a stopover.

Always check the discount websites such as Travelocity and Expedia although checking the airlines’ websites can be a good strategy as well but make sure to start with either bmi or Virgin.

Book your ticket in advance but stick to a 2-8 weeks period before departure. Remember that fares are always higher during the holidays.