Although there’s only one airline offering direct flights to Cyprus from Birmingham, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other possibilities to travel between the two places. Cyprus is a popular (and romantic) summer destination but this is not the most popular route the travelers take hence the prices are a bit on the high side even well after summer has ended.

Airport choices

The largest airport in Cyprus is located at the outskirts of Larnaca. The airport receives direct flights from all over Europe but aside from the local carrier, all other airlines arrive/depart at very uncomfortable hours (well after mid night).

Birmingham is served by an international airport located at just 8 miles outside the city center. There’s a free link between the terminals and the rail station close by. From there, you can take local or express trains to your final destination. Buses are also available and a taxi ride to the city center costs around £20.

Best airline choices

The only airline offering a direct flight is Monarch Airlines (slightly more expensive than the low cost carriers). Still, it makes sense to search for flights to Cyprus from Birmingham offered by low-cost carriers. The most important low-cost carrier serving the route is Ryanair, although it doesn’t offer a direct flight. Other airlines include:

  • Flybe
  • Bmibaby
  • Smart Wings
  • Condor
  • airBaltic
  • Lufthansa
  • KLM
  • Malev
  • Austrian Airlines

Typical prices

Although during the peak summer months the prices tend to be higher than during the rest of the year, this is one of those “weird” destinations which doesn’t get cheap once September (or even October) starts.

Typical prices are around £357 for a round trip ticket if you choose a combination of (four) low cost carriers, with 1 stop on each way. If you prefer to fly with the same company (also with 1 stop each way) the price can be up to £444 for a round trip flight during the peak summer months.

Money saving tips

It’s best to book your ticket in advance making sure to keep an eye on the airline’s offers. For example, Malev offer runs programs offering €100 round trip tickets in Europe and although the company doesn’t offer a direct flight to Cyprus from Birmingham, if you choose a connecting flight via Budapest, you might be able to save some money.

Unfortunately the prices don’t drop sharply during the off season so you are left with flying mid-might and if you have any flexibility, try different dates to see if you can get a cheaper ticket.