While there are a lot of airlines when you look for flights to Florida from Dublin, it might be quite time consuming to find the cheapest option. Although Aer Lingus is considered cheap, it’s not a real low-cost carrier and unfortunately neither the European nor US low-cost carriers fly over the Atlantic so you are stuck with the regular carriers’ offers.

Airport choices

Florida is served by plenty of airports if you are flying from Europe you’ll most likely land on Orlando International Airport (airport code: MCO). It is Florida’s busiest airport which receives flights from all over the world. Aer Lingus operates direct flights from Dublin. The airport is located southeast of downtown but right in the middle of the tourist attractions (theme parks).

Dublin is served by the busiest Irish airport, which located about 10 km outside the city center. Aer Lingus uses the airport as hub and offers flights to domestic destinations, Europe and US. In order to get from the airport to the city center you either take the bus –express or regular lines- or a taxi (fare should be around €20-30).

Best airline choices

The only airline offering direct flights to Florida from Dublin is Aer Lingus, which also offers some of the best fares.

You can also choose other airlines, but there’ll be one stop along the way (usually in London). The choices include:

  • British Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Delta

Typical prices

The lowest fares are, generally, offered by Aer Lingus. During the summer, prices range between €482 and €730 for a round trip flight depending on the departure dates and how flexible your schedule is. As summer draws to an end the prices start to drop.

If you opt for a connecting flight via, prices are around €550 for a round trip flight during the summer months. As fall approaches prices start to drop averaging around €440 (and even cheaper if you opt for two connecting flights).

Money saving tips

Having a flexible approach surely makes a difference. If you are not suck on certain departure dates you can get tickets at half the price as if you were set on an exact date. Flying on Tuesdays and Saturdays also seem to offer the best price.

Always check the discount websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire or Priceline as they can give prices weeks in advance.

Often it’s a good idea to look at indirect flights although it does mean you’ll be losing more time traveling. But as fall approaches the prices tend to be lower for indirect flights than for direct flights.