Lately, the number of airlines offering flights to Florida from UK has been limited but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of good offers out there. While there are a lot of airlines to choose from, it might be hard to find the best possible alternative. Unfortunately, neither US nor UK low-cost carriers fly over the Atlantic so you will need to check the regular carriers.

Airport choices

Florida is served by plenty of airports but the busiest international airports are Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. While Miami is mostly a US getaway from Latin America, Orlando is the preferred airport by many tourists, for obvious reasons. Those looking into spending a vacation at Walt Disney World would choose Orlando to fly into.

In UK, most international flights depart from London’s airports and with good reasons. Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the entire world but only a handful of airlines offer direct links between the UK and the US. But England is also served by Manchester Airport, the busiest one outside London. If you need to depart from Scotland, there are two choices: Manchester and Edinburgh. And if you need to get to Northern Ireland, then you will be flying from Belfast.

Best airline choices

There are quite a lot  of airlines to choose from when you look for flights to Florida from UK and the most important are:

Typical prices

Ticket prices for flights to Florida from UK vary according to the season. During the summer months and during the winter holidays prices are at their highest, averaging around $900-$1000 round trip. But by the end of August they start to go down and during the off season you can find tickets for as low as $500 round trip.

It’s quite hard to find a good deal during the peak season so it’s advisable to book well in advance. There aren’t many chances for the prices to lower as the travel date draws closer.

Money saving tips

The competition is quite high for flights to Florida from UK so the prices are similar, no matter what airline you check out. So, if you happen to see a very good deal, make sure to snatch it while you can.

Check the flights into different cities. For example, there are a lot of flights between London and Orlando and the prices tend to be lower than if you fly from Manchester to Orlando.

Like always, flying mid-week and at weird hours (very early in the morning) means there are more chances to find a cheap flight. Try to book your ticket about 6-8 weeks before departure. If you wait for too long or book too early, you might have some not-so-nice surprises.