For long-haul flights like the flights to Israel from New York it’s a good idea to be open minded about the route, airline, departure date and the possibility to opt for a connecting flight rather than a direct flight. There are not many airlines offering direct flights so the prices tend to be high year-round. Instead, play with the departure dates and look for the cheapest indirect flight even if you might not know much about the airline offering it.

Airport choices

The main airport in Israel is Ben Gurion International Airport , located 15 km outside Tel Aviv. It’s hub for several domestic airlines and is one of the airports known for the strict security measures. Therefore a lot of patience is required when you need to fly into this airport.

Those who need to fly out of New York have plenty of airports to choose from. For the international flights though John F. Kennedy International Airport is most likely the airport of choice. JFK is the largest and busiest airport serving New York and is the hub for JetBlue Airways .It also serves as major secondary hub for American Airlines . Other options in the New York area include La Guardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport .

Best airline choices

Nonstop flights to Israel from New York are offered by the following airlines:

Indirect flights are also available and, depending on when you’ll be departing, they might be cheaper than the direct flights.

Typical prices

It’s a bit tricky to talk about the typical prices for flights to Israel from New York. They do tend to be seasonable but they also very quite a lot during the same season. In general, the high tourist season means the prices are higher than usual but with the temperatures in Israel being very high during the summer months, many travelers choose September and even October to visit the country. It’s a good idea to check several possible departure dates and choose depending on your budget.

As the autumn sets in, some of the airlines offering direct flights to Israel from New York during the summer stop the service, so you are stuck with the other options, which include direct flights on El Al Israel Airlines or indirect flights on Iberia , Turkish Airlines, Aerosvit Airlines or Delta Airlines.

While in mid-September you can expect to pay at least $1000 for a round trip direct flight, by mid-October you can find indirect flights starting at $887 (while the direct flights still score above $1000).

Money saving tips

It’s always a good idea to start the search with the airlines which use the airports as hubs or focus airports. Some airlines don’t show up in discount websites so checking the airline’s website is a good way to find the deals. Then, of course, make sure to check the deals on major discount websites such as Expedia, Priceline or Travelocity.

For long-haul flights it’s always a good idea to book the flight in advance. Typically, two to eight weeks before departure is a good period to look for flights and get a good deal. If you need to fly right smack during the high tourist season then make sure to book your flight as soon as possible.

And it doesn’t hurt to be flexible when it comes to choosing a connecting flight rather than a direct flight. In some cases, opting for a stop-over can save up to $200 for a round trip flight.