There are plenty of airport choices when you need to fly to Italy from USA. You first need to take into account the vacation destination and choose the closest international airport to fly into. But it does pay off to be flexible, whether that means to fly into a bigger airport to save money or to fly into another European country and then choose a low-cost flight to get to Italy.

Airport choices

If you are mobile and flexible, you can always attempt to find the cheapest airfare possible for to Italy from USA. Typically, if you fly from the East Coast, the prices will be cheaper and there are direct flights available.

Italy is served by many airports which makes flying easy and often quite affordable. The bigger the airport, the more chances to find a good deal, so you should look for flights into Milan’s Malpensa International Airport , which is the busiest airport in terms of international traffic. The second busiest is Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport .

When flying out of USA there are plenty of airports to choose from. The busiest airport in the USA is Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport , a hub for Delta . Other busy airport is JFK , a major international hub for Delta and a secondary hub for American Airlines . You can fly to Italy from any major US city but you’ll be connecting at JFK or a major European hub.

Best airline choices

Direct flights to Italy from USA are offered by the following airlines:

All offer direct links from JFK to Milan and Rome.

Typical prices

The ticket prices for flights to Italy from USA are seasonable. The highest fares can always be found during the peak season: July, August and between mid-December and early January. Typically, springs and falls are the most affordable times of the year to fly to Italy.

Direct flights between the two countries are easy to find and if you fly from the East Coast you’ll pay the cheapest airfare. For example, the ticket prices from JFK to Rome or Milan are about the same. Expect to pay at least $697 for a round trip flight from JFK to Rome in early October. And if you want to fly to Milan, the fares start at $676 for a round trip flight.

Money saving tips

There are plenty of Italian airports you can fly into directly from the USA but if you are willing to be flexible there are more ways to save some money. For example you can fly into a major European hub such as Amsterdam, Paris or London and then catch a low-cost flight to Italy.

Try to fly outside the peak tourist season, which in Italy lasts during the summer and around the winter holidays. Typically, July and August are the most expensive months. If you need to fly to Italy during these months book your flight as much in advance as possible. Otherwise, if you book the ticket about 2 months in advance, you should be able to find good deals.

Check the discounted websites but remember that not all of them list the European low-cost carriers. You can compared the options on sites such as Expedia, Travelocity or Priceline but for the cheapest European flights you need to check Skyscanner.