Cheap Flights to Lanzarote

As one of Spain’s Canary Islands, Lanzarote is certainly a popular spot for European holiday-makers seeking a bit of sun. To get to Lanzarote, you’ll probably have to get to a European city first (if you’re not already in one). 70% of the visitors to Lanzarote come from European Union countries, and 75% of those come from the UK and Germany. There are 15 cities in the UK alone with flights to Lanzarote, and plenty of German cities with flights as well. Flights from Spain are considered “internal” or domestic, and so might be easier to navigate.

Lanzarote is served by Arrecife Airport (airport code ACE), near the capital of Arrecife. To get a better idea of what airlines to look for when trying to get to Lanzarote, here’s a list of the airlines serving Arrecife. You can check real-time flight information here. There’s no left-luggage service at Arrecife Airport. Car rental agencies at the airport are listed here.

In addition to the Canary Islands’ famous beaches, Lanzarote also boasts a volcanic past that makes for some interesting scenery and hikes. You can also take advantage of the island’s water activities, including snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving and parasailing. You can even take a submarine trip from ports in Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero! Lanzarote’s got its fair share of bars, so your nights aren’t likely to be boring, either. But if all you’d like to do on your holiday is remember when to turn over on your beach towel, Lanzarote has you covered (so to speak) in that regard as well.

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