Thanks to its location, Malaga provides both the hustle and bustle of large cities but also the laid-back atmosphere of coastal towns. It’s a very popular destination among European and Brits in particular. So it only makes sense to be able to choose among many flights to Malaga from Manchester. The best part though is that all direct flights are offered by low-cost carriers, which means your budget won’t suffer much.

Airport choices

Malaga, a large city in southern Spain, is served by a busy international airport. It receives quite a lot of low-carrier flights from the entire Europe. To get from the airport to the city center you can choose a bus, train or taxi. The bus fare is €1.10 single trip, while the taxi costs about €15.

Manchester is served by the largest British airport outside London. It happens to be among the top 50 largest in the world as well. About 100 carriers – regular and low-cost – offer flights to/from Manchester, covering the entire world. To get from the airport to the city center you can catch a train, bus or taxi. Cab fares are about £15 and the journey takes 30-45 minutes.

Best airline choices

The following low-cost carriers offer direct flights to Malaga from Manchester:

Indirect flights are offered by Iberia, British Airways, Air France and Brussels Airlines.

Typical prices

Since Malaga is a very popular summer destination – and Spain is preferred by Brits in general – it’s normal to see that the ticket prices for flights to Malaga from Manchester tend to be higher during the summer months (and highest during the peak season) as well as during the holidays.

The lowest fares are offered by the low-cost carriers but prices depend on the dates of departure. On all low-cost carriers prices are as low as £140 for a round trip flight during summer. As fall approaches the prices drop to around £75-90 for a round trip flight, depending on the airline.

Money saving tips

It’s always a good idea to check the booking websites which also comprise the European low cost carriers, such as Skyscanner, as they also list all the low-cost carriers operating on the route. The discount websites – Expedia or Travelocity – usually only list some of the low-cost carriers but do list the regular carriers.

If you are flexible, you can always find better rates than if you are stuck with certain departure dates. Try to fly mid-week and at rather not-so-usual hours (mid-night, early mornings).

Book your flight in advance but pay attention that many low-cost carriers offer higher fares if you book too far in advance. You should stick to a time frame of 2 to 8 weeks prior to departure.

Fly outside the summer season if you want to save more on airfare. As the fall approaches the prices start to drop sharply.