Malta is a tiny European archipelago which lies in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Italy. There’s only one airport serving the country and it receives flights from European cities. Plenty European low-cost carriers fly to Malta from London so there are quite a lot of cheap flights to choose from.

Airport choices

The only airport serving Malta is Malta International Airport , located 8 km from the capital of Valletta. The airport receives daily flights from European cities, including London (Heathrow, Luton and Gatwick). To get from the airport to the hotel you can use the bus, taxi, rent a car or ask whether the hotel can provide a shuttle bus.

London is served by four airports and three of them offer direct flights to Malta. Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world and sometimes it might seem overwhelming to deal with it. Other choices include Gatwick Airport , which is also a secondary hub for British Airlines .html and Luton . All airports serving London are very well connected to the city.

Best airline choices

The airlines flying to Malta from London include:

Typical prices

The peak travel season in Malta, just like in the rest of the Europe, is during summer (July & August) and the winter holidays. So the ticket prices for flights to Malta from London are seasonable. The highest prices will always be during the summer and the cheapest during spring and fall.

If you plan to fly in early October plan to pay at least £133 for a round trip flight (bmi or Air Malta from London Gatwick).

Money saving tips

It seems that finding cheap flights to Malta from London is a bit tricky and not all booking websites give relevant information. You can use the famous discount website Expedia (the site) though. Or you check the airlines’ websites, starting with the low-cost carriers.

Avoid the peak season and the weekends. Try to fly during spring or fall to find the cheapest airfare.

Book your flight in advance but since you’ll be dealing mostly with low-cost carriers don’t book too far in advance. Try to stick to about 4-6 weeks between the date of booking and departure.