It’s not hard at all to find the best deal on flights to New York from Ireland. Both destinations are served by several airports, which means there are a lot of available flights and airlines to choose from. If you are not a US citizen you’ll need to purchase a round trip ticket to show that you are returning within three months of arriving in the US. Pay attention to the visa requirements as well. It can be easily obtained via the internet or directly from the US embassy in Dublin.

Airport choices

In New York there are plenty of airports to choose from but most likely you’ll be arriving on JFK or La Guardia. JFK is a major international hub for Delta Airlines while La Guardia is a focus airport for US Airways. Both airports serve the metropolitan area and are really well connected to the city. Another airport serving the area is Newark, which is also well connected to New York City.

In Ireland you can choose among several airports, depending on your final destination. The busiest airport is Dublin, where the majority of international flights arrive. But Shannon and Cork also receive quite a few international flights. All airports offer a lot of passenger services and all very well connected to the cities they serve.

Best airline choices

There are a lot of airlines flying to New York from Ireland, including:

  • Aer Lingus
  • Delta Air Lines
  • United Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Continental
  • Air France

Typical prices

Prices for airplane tickets to New York from Ireland tend to be quite seasonal, so expect to pay more if you are traveling during the summer peak. The relatively short duration of the flight and the popularity of both destinations make the ticket prices go up during the high tourist seasons (summer, winter holidays). Booking your flight in advance does help.

Planning to travel during spring on autumn might save you some money. Expect to pay about $500 for a round trip ticket between Shannon Airport and JFK, if you book in advance. Prices go up sharply if you wait until the last possible minute. During the summer prices average $800-$1200 for a round trip flight depending on the airports you fly into.

Money saving tips

The first thing to do in an effort to save on flights to New York from Ireland is to look for flights into different airport. Generally speaking, if you depart from Shannon prices tend to be lower than if you depart from Dublin.

Other tricks like booking your flight mid-week or at rather weird hours (very early in the morning) also work when you plan to fly to New York from Ireland. You can generally get the best deals if you check the discount websites such Expedia, Cheaptickets Travelocity or Priceline. You can also check the airlines websites and most often avoid the booking fees or find deals that aren’t available elsewhere.