Both cities are within the European Union so flying to Prague from Belfast is very easy. There are no visa requirements and you don’t even need a passport to travel (your ID card is enough). There’s no need to show a return ticket either. While there aren’t any low-cost carriers offering flights to Prague from Belfast, you can still find a good fare if you plan far in advance.

Airport choices

Prague is served by an international airport located at just 10 km from the city center. Czech Airlines uses this airport as hub but the airline doesn’t offer flights into Belfast. It takes about 30 min to reach the city center by bus. There are several choices to get from the airport to the center, including buses and airport shuttles.

Belfast is served by two airports but the main one, Belfast International Airport, is also the busiest airport in Northern Ireland. Often referred to as Aldergrove, the airport is located at 21 km from Belfast’s city center. There are buses connecting the airport to the city and the taxi fare is about £20.

Best airline choices

There aren’t too many choices when it comes to finding flights to Prague from Belfast. British Airways is the only major carrier offering a direct connection. Out of the low cost carriers and EasyJet used to offer a direct flight between Prague and Belfast, but it’s not available anymore. Low-cost carriers offer direct flights to Prague from UK only from London.

Typical prices

Ticket prices for flights to Prague from Belfast do vary according to the season. Prices during the peak summer tourist season and during the winter holidays tend to be more expensive than during the rest of the year. Since there are not many airlines to choose from, it’s best to book as far in advance as possible. Average prices are around £300 for a round trip flight during the summer.

Money saving tips

It’s advisable to fly outside the summer months if you want to save on tickets for flights to Prague from Belfast. Book as far in advance as possible to ensure you get the lowest fare. Check if the airline has any special offers for this route as well.