Part of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a very popular vacation destination, blessed with sunshine year round. Summers are hot and that means people flock here to enjoy the beaches and water. Finding flights to Tenerife from Scotland is not that hard but you’ll be surprised to know that there aren’t any direct flights for this route. However, the prices are acceptable mostly because Brits flock here every year and the demand for such flights is high.

Airport choices

Tenerife is a large island served by two airports: Tenerife South (Reina Sofia) and Tenerife North (Los Rodeos). Both receive plenty of flights from Europe and during the summer season there are also charter flights connecting the island with other European cities.

Scotland is served by two large airports: Glasgow International Airport and Edinburgh Airport. Both airports offer flights operated by regular and low-cost carriers. The busiest airport is Glasgow’s but neither offer direct flights to Tenerife.

Best airline choices

There aren’t any direct flights to Tenerife from Scotland so you’ll need to make a stop somewhere along the way and change the plane. For this reason you are looking at 10 – 12 hours of traveling.

It only makes sense to start your search with the low-cost carriers, such as Ryanair, Air Europa and bmi. Other airlines serving the destination include:

Typical prices

The ticket prices for flights to Tenerife from Scotland depend on the season and are at their highest during the summer months. Since you’ll be making at least one stop on the way, the prices are higher than if you were taking a direct flight.

During the summer months expect to pay at least £270 for a round trip flight offered by Ryanair (1 stop). Depending on the airlines you choose prices can be as high as £740 for a round trip flight in the middle of the summer. Outside the summer season (spring and autumn) prices start at around £110 for a round trip flight offered by Ryanair and can be as high as £366 (KLM).

Money saving tips

If you must fly during the peak season, make sure to book in advance (2 to 8 weeks) and fly mid-week rather than during the weekend. Whether you choose to fly from Glasgow or Edinburgh you’ll still be making at least 1 stop along the way.

Check the sites specialized in low-cost carriers to get the best price possible. Ryanair tends to be the cheapest airlines and although you are making one stop along the way, at least you are not changing the airline (hence increasing the cost more).